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1) The pursuit of knowledge regardless of whether it is in a school conducted by professionals or at the comfort of your home at your own convenience is an excellent way of learning. Definitely, you can learn IM (Internet Marketing) this way. You have the option to spend even for a few hours a day.

Never think that learning is a “must do” but rather think about it as a way that will lead you to prosperity in the near future. Learning Internet Marketing is a quest to strive for the better. However, having knowledge on IM is not   “one time” or a short course. Some would spend their full time, as in many years like learning it as they do their own business which is the best way.

It would not be a good idea if you wait until you think you know everything about Internet Marketing. Your time can be used instead on establishing the business and experience it. The best education will always be the experience.

2) Unless you complicate things, Internet Marketing is simple but it doesn’t mean that it is very easy. (If you know what I mean.) You start with few things first like generating the sales system, getting the product you would want to sell (it can be your own product or get it from someone), do the transaction platform and how you would like your products delivered.

3) The next action would not be as easy as this. Building prospects and then converting them into buying customers is not a simple task. If you don’t have any idea about selling, this can be difficult especially if you are just starting the business. What you need to do is to keep everything simple and invest your time in identifying where and how to find your prospective customers.

4) Decision making should be done by you and should not be influence by others. Don’t be influenced by what you have read in this forum. Find more alternatives and study them, get reactions so that you will be able to weigh these alternatives. Be very critical, choose what you think is the best and then proceed.

You might commit a mistake and chose a wrong one but at the end of the day you still have a chance to use some other thing.Think of this action similar to your life. Everything that is happening is a result of your decision. Remember, some people are not satisfied with their lives because of the indecisions they had made.

5) If you want to succeed, think not about the money instead focus on providing your customers with products that have excellent qualities coupled with good service from you. When your mind is set on this, everything will fall right into place. Customers will start recognizing and give you their trust and money will   keep pouring your way.

6) Moreover, in this business, “time is gold”. You must have a scheme so that your time is spent wisely on implementing your business plan. Time is one of the tools in bringing you to the peak of your revenue. If you are well versed on the law of leverage, then you will know how to use the time to your advantage.

This will allow you to let others do some of the more demanding activities  to smart people who are trained to the task while so that you will  have some time to enjoy the fruit of your labor. This is how big corporate owners do their business and it would be a good thing if you will adapt this.

7) If things went wrong you are the only one to blame. It is nobody’s fault but yours. You cannot blame it to your chosen niche, computer or to other Tom, Dick and Harry. However, there are instances that it is the fault of others still, you are to blame.

8) Similarly, don’t be in denial.  If you think you are in need of some help in running your business, then act on it. Do not put it off. If you are lacking financially in running your business, then do something about it. If you are not knowledgeable in attracting free traffic, then invest some money on it. In short, find the solution for all the obstacles that come your way.

9) As an IMer, you have to be assertive. There is no room here to be shy or hesitant. There is no holding back here and just wait for blessings to happen. Though my personality is on the quiet side, I can be authoritative, confident and aggressive. There is no holding back here and my “mantra” is to strive harder on delivering quality and services to my customers.

By believing in yourself that you will deliver only the best, you’ll be far from experiencing failure. It is important that you are true to yourself. You can be financially successful even if you are not the best in the field ….however, aiming for the best is ALWAYS important.

10) Likewise, do you remember the Law of Attraction? This is one of the secrets on a successful Internet Marketing venture. You need to associate with IMers who are successful, well-paid bloggers and business owners that are generating lots of money.

11) Lastly, you have to be full of stamina and perseverance. If you don’t have these virtues, do not enter into any business in the web. Some businesses fail because owners want instant money and when money does not come in easily, they quit. You should have a strong determination to remain in the business.


These are the Eleven (11) “facts” you “must know” if you want to enter the Internet Marketing and be successful.

Any comments including negative ones are always welcome.

Looking forward to a successful IM career!


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